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                                            ABOUT ME

          Hello guys, this is right here is my very first blog i've ever made so i would like to talk about my self so i'll start with my profile. My name is Ronggur Mahendra Widya Putra. I was born at Bandung, Indonesia at 17 January 2001 by the time i wrote this blog i was 15 years old.

          Well.... since i don't really know what to wrote here so i'll just start with my school. i study at     3 National High School Bandung. my school by far is the best national highschool in Bandung or at least by the time i wrote this (well.... i wish by the time you guys read this too it still the best school there is or even better). also i'm still a freshmen at my school so i don't really know much about my school what i know is that that shool is really strict and i think that's all i know about my school.

          Now lets talk about my self first off i'm just a regular boy from a regular family lived in a regular city. i have a younger sister and no brother and my family is a pretty normal family. yea pretty regular and boring guy.

         Ok, let's continue my introduction, now i'll just talk about my dream, as for my dream i want to be a resercher who finds new thing and make discovery and inovation that will help human's evolutions and for that dream i want to go to a famous university for it's electrical engineering division (IT) at my town. well.... that dream maybe sounds too big for me but i really want to do it. haha what can i say some people might  even say to dream as if you have all the time in the world and do things as if you'll die tomorrow.

          and i think that's it for my introduction since i don't know what else to wrote. i sorry if my blog is horrible and my english is very bad but for my very first blog i think i'm doing pretty good so i'll just say sorry for right now. ThankYou and Goodbye.

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                         FORBIDDEN CITY

Hasil gambar untuk forbidden city location
This is the location of forbbiden city

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty—the years 1420 to 1912. It is located in the centre of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum.


-Constructed from 1406 to 1420
-980 buildings
-covers 72 ha
-The Forbidden City was declared a World Haritage Site in 1987
-listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world


Saturday, September 10th was the day when SMAN 3 Bandung present MEGANTARA or sometimes also called Culture Festival.

 the flow of event is somewhat like this. the morning all the student went to do a parade we walked from sman 3 all the way to Jl. Merdeka trought Jl. Sumatra and back to SMAN 3. it was quite the parade, there more than 200 people doing the parade and we made quite the traffic. and the when we were back to sman 3 all the stdent came inside the megantara. to be honest i came home at this moment but i heard that there's nothing significant happend after that i came back around 3 P.M. and there such a long line. to the point it was unbeliveable. luckyly i saw my friend whose at the line so i don't have to take the line all the way to the back.

after i came in i say hello to all my friend and buy some food from the food truck they seem delicious but not healthy for your wallet(if you know what i mean). the real fun start at 5 P.M. when TST start play a theatre about culture and then soo many thing happend. there's changcuters sings like crazy, RAN sing and the fans screams until my ear drums hurtand there are also other performences so much that i don't keep track of time. but all the event ended at 10 P.M. and all of us are so tired because of the performences.

Overall it was an amazing event. it just the food a little too expensive. but all the other things about it is just amazing and I LOVE IT!!

                                        Science Camp

Well, now lets talk about the event first of we, the participant are gathered on 06.00 in the morning at the front field of SMAN 3 and after confirms everyones present we depart using a truck. we arrived around 10.00 am as soon as we got there we were given lesson about scientific work about how we make it, what the use of it, and many other thing as well. i don't really remember about the order of the activities but we did many thing on the first day as such as being intruduced about TRILOGI, about our own division (in my case is KIT and TIK Olympic), how to make scientific report, and we even research about something (again, in my case was " The influence of the development of the park in the city of Bandung on social relations"). Unfotunately at the afternoon the sky starts raining and at the moment it was really cold so the committee decided that all of the participant sleep in the house not at the tent. and then we end the first day at around 1 am.

Now at the second day we were woken up at 4 am well... as you all may guess we're all so sleepy. well we technically slept for only 3 hour and i think we have the right to do exacly that. well let us return to the actual event. as soon as we woke up we took a pray and do a short morning exercise. and at the second day we mostly present our research from the previous day and get ready to go home. but at the second day we were told about a really silly German song called "ich bin cool" meanings "I AM COOL" that song just so silly that all of us laugh out loud and that half an hour is the most meaningfull moment in my entire life i mean like that song is so funny that all of us had so much fun.
and all the activites ended around 11 am and at that moment all of us took a ride back to school and there's just a horrible traffic jam make us arrived at school at 3 pm.

overall the event was an amazing event, we learnt so many thing in the event. it's just a shame that at the night was raining and we don't acually camping.

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Questions About Venus Flytrap                  
1.)               A. Bogs
                  B. Savannahs
                  C. Desserts
                  D. Tropical rainforest 
Where of these options can you see venus flytrap in the wild?
a.)    A & B
b.)    B & C
c.)    C & D
d.)    D & A
e.)    B & D
                       2.)    Which parts of the Venus Flaytrap triggers the trap?
a.)     Roots
b.)    Stem
c.)    Trigger hairs
d.)    The flower
e.)    The seeds
                       3.)    How long can a Venus Flytrap survive if cultivated right?
a.)   10 - 20 Years
b.)   20 – 30 Years
c.)   30-40 Years
d.)   40-50 Years
e.)   50-60 Years
                       4.)    Where did the name Venus Flytrap taken from?
a.)    Greek goddess
b.)    Roman goddess
c.)    Egypt goddess
d.)    A planet
e.)    A band
                       5.)    Where is the position of Venus Flytrap in the consevation status?
a.)    Least Concern
b.)    Near Threatened
c.)    Vulnerable
d.)    Endangered
e.)    Critically Endangered
Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap (also referred to as Venus's flytrap or Venus flytrap), Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant native tosubtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States in North Carolina and South Carolina. It catches its prey with a trapping structure formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves, which is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces. When an insect or spider crawling along the leaves contacts a hair, the trap closes if a different hair is contacted within twenty seconds of the first strike. The requirement of redundant triggering in this mechanism serves as a safeguard against wasting energy by trapping objects with no nutritional value.
The plant's common name refers to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. The genus name, Dionaea ("daughter of Dione"), refers to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, while the species name, muscipula, is Latin for "mousetrap".Historically, the plant was also known by the slang term "tipitiwitchet" or "tippity twitchet", possibly an oblique reference to the plant's resemblance to human female genitalia.
Venus flytraps are popular as cultivated plants, but have a reputation for being difficult to grow. Successfully growing these specialized plants requires recreating a close approximation to the plant's natural habitat.Plants can be propagated by seed, taking around four to five years to reach maturity. More commonly, they are propagated by clonal division in spring or summer. Venus flytraps can also be propagated in vitro using plant tissue culture. Most venus flytraps found for sale in nurseries garden centers have been produced using this method, as this is the most cost-effective way to propagate them on a large scale. Regardless of the propagation method used, the plants will live for 20 to 30 years if cultivated in the right conditions

                           MY HOLIDAY 

In my last holiday, I went to the Flores Island or also called Komodo Island. Well, honestly speaking Komodo Island is not the Flores Island itself but the most famous tourism spot.

I arrived at Flores Island on the 24 Desember 2016 and went by ship by the next day. the ship i and my family on called adishree the ship is simply amazing theres no denying that the ship is soo clean so luxury theres even air condisioners. and we went to many islands with that ship like komodo island, pink beach, and the most amazing one is Padar Island, Padar Island is an island that have 3 buckling on it and you can see them in one angle and also the sunset and sunrise even the stars at night are amazing not a sight you can see every day all of those thing are simply just amazing. we stay at the ship for like 3 days and 2 nights. well not all the thing on the ship went well like some of my family mostly the adult got seasick even my aunt thrown up (haha its pretty funny acually since i didnt got seasick at all) but it didnt make the sea trip worse at all, all of my family and i had a lot of fun and its a unforgetable memory. after that amazing trip we went back to the dock stay there for a night and go back to Denpasar and finally back to bandung. 

Me and my family at Komodo Island

Me And My family at the Padar island

The Adishree and my family


1.       Zig ..
2.       Refer to a genuine medical condition experienced by workers involved I abrasive work, such as drilling or sawing
3.       5W 1H  …….. when where who why how
4.       Opposite of winner
5.       Preset form of went and then add es at the end of it
6.       Opposite of true
7.       Where you throw your trash away
8.       Your name, home country, birthday, address,
9.       A really fast plane
10.   You’re shot right trought your head, now you’re ……
1.       A valueable round object
2.        a really thick blood
3.       Something that will kill you if you step on it
4.       Present form of did
5.       ……. You fell from the tenth floor you will die.
6.       John …….. a famous british cheist who work on the development of periodic table
7.       The first card
8.       The opposite of out
9.       A place where you put jam
10.   A plant
11.   A tome for muslims
12.   a holy book
13.   not dying
14.   when you put money when youre gambling
15.   multiport repeater
16.   O2
17.   Past form of keep
*the answers are allready sent by date: 21/2/2017


What is nature? Why do we have to protect it? Why are some people give it so much care? What did nature ever did to us? And to you who have thought about these question. I’ll answer you question the first one, What is nature? This question is really simple nature is our savior the one who keep us alive from the moment we are born. No not when we are born it even protect us the moment before we were born. Then to the next question, Why do we have to protect it? This one is even simpler, we have to protect nature to keep ourself alive, just think it this way if we didn’t protect the nature trees will die, right? and if trees die earth won’t have enough oxygen, right? And if earth don’t have enough oxygen all living thing that don’t do photosynthesis will suffocate, right? And if all the living thing (human included) suffocate they will end up die, right? Yes, and that will answer your question. To the third question  Why are some people give it so much care? Wow, why are these question are so simple. Can you guess the answer? If you can then you’re smart if you can’t I’ll answer that question, the answer is they don’t want to die, well at least some of them are. These people, they are smart people they can think what nature did to them and they also think what will happened if they stop doing the thing they are doing right now,which is all of living thing (human included) will die. Now let’s take a few moment and think what kind of people you are? Smart people or stupid people, if you think you’re smart people then congrats you’re not stupid, but if you think you’re stupid people then you got to learn and protect the nature, okay? Now where were we, ah right the last question, What did nature ever did to us? Well  if you read all of the thing I wrote before you should be able to answer these question yourself but if you haven’t read all of the thing I wrote before be lazy about it I’ll tell them for you. The thing nature did to you are keeping you alive, they make oxygen, more than 70% food we eat are from nature and so many other thing that even I too lazy to write them all. Now if you have read my article I hope you become smart people and start caring for nature because if you don’t you will eventually kill all of us, but if you who read this are already smart people share this article to you friends who are not smart AKA stupid people, and with this liltle massage I bit you good bye and let just hope that there’s more smart people in the earth and also hope that nature will still do the thing it has been doing for tomorrow and keep us all alive for another day.

Thank You

In this massage i just wanna say thank you to all my family ,my friend , and my teacher that help me get into SMAN 3 Bandung. truely this is like a dream come true and this won't happend without all of your help.and once again i sincerely say thank you for all you support by any means for teaching me, for helping, or even helping me mentally. i'm really greatfull for what you guys did for me.